If it’s sexy you’re looking for, then you should check out GiMa. Specializing in interactive clothing, both of these dresses are scripted, so youre partner can push aside certain parts 🙂 They also come with a special color changing hud so you can make the dress any color you prefer(I prefer white…kind of virginal dont you think? lol)

I’m also wearing the sLink Jolie prim feet. I’ve been staying away from prim feet lately because either I can’t match them up closely enough, or when I do, someone else with different lighting settings comments on my green feet. However..I was very pleasantly surprised when I put these on and one of the preset colors matched almost perfectly. I did notice on the final pic below though, they look darker than they did in world 😦 You can wear them with anything because its only the shoe base and the 2 foot attachments that you wear..the invisiprims are built into the feet and can be turned on and off by the hud..which also has about 20 preset polishes.

Ok, trying not to let this get too long winded but I did want to mention one last thing..when I was at 69 getting the Diva hair, they had put all of their older styles in one room and are selling them in fatpacks(every single color) for 200 linden a pack.

Skin: Laqroki Elena
Hair: 69 Diva Ash Brown Collection
Dress: GiMa An Angel
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low
Earrings: ~Muse~ Triste Coeur Silver and Diamond Earrings


Skin: Laqroki Tasha2
Hair: Exile Breeze Dark Browns
Dress: GiMa Crescent
Feet: SLink Jolie Pied Barefeet Low
Earrings: Argrace Heartstrings


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