As an sl fashion blogger, it’s very exciting when you get your first review copy of a product to blog…when Nedeko Kohime, owner/creator of Bodyline, contacted me and asked me to blog her skins, I was thrilled!(especially when I saw her gorgeous profile pic heehee)

I feel so honored that this skin is my first “review”. I put that in quotations because I know I’m no expert skin reviewer, just in case there’s someone out there reading this saying, “what does she know?” Not a lot, lol, but I know what I like and I can offer you my opinion. In the end, the consumer’s opinions are what counts, right?

Ok, with that being said I thought Sara was an absolutely gorgeous skin. Smooth and Silky, modelesque, and the makeups are stunning. Each makeup also comes with a teethy version too, which usually Im not very fond of, but on Sara it doesn’t look like buck teeth at all. The teeth versions actually made me think of Iman. I’ve never worn a dark skin before, but I will tell you this..I’ve been struttin’ around in this look for the past 24 hours lol…I dont wanna take it off…I feel like a Nubian Princess 🙂

Sara by Bodyline, Hair Lelutka, Clothes&Jewelry Zaara
TP to Bodyline

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