Aline by Laqroki

Laqroki is my all time favorite skin..ever…it’s beautiful…just the right amount of sexiness, probably as flawless as youre gonna get in sl.

When I received the notecard about their new skin, Aline, I couldn’t tp there fast enough. I thought it would be a very long time before I found a skin I love as much as Elena, their last release. But I think I have a new fav now. Aline is their first brown hair based skin, and there is a special ponytail you can buy in the hair section that goes with it. I love the makeups that are included because theres a wide variety…naturals, smokies, a few different red lipsticks..and nothing too crazy. All beautiful looks. As I was trying each on each skin, I heard myself gasping and saying out loud, “oh my god!” lmao. I really get into this stuff! 🙂

*each makeup color in Aline comes with hairbase option. click photo for larger pic…

skin, hair, & lingere Laqroki


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