Awesome Group Gifts at Hoorenbeek

Hoorenbeek has a really awesome group gift this month. This gray suit has over 60 mix and match pieces to it! 4 different tops, different jacket versions, skirt versions. Free subscribo gift! The only stipulation have to already be subscribed for at least 15 days. Otherwise if you want the gift, they will let you buy it. Not sure how long this gift will be up, but hey, even if you miss this one..if they’re going to be giving gifts like this it would be worth it to tp over to hoorenbeek and hit the subscribo 😉

OMG..I forgot that I picked up the men’s gift too! And I love it so much..its an olive hoody with 3 different versions…and some little prim earphones coming out of the pocket! So cute!!!

Other items worn…
1st Pic
Pencil&Clipboard: RC Cluster
RedBelt: Lelutka(old gift)
Hair: Mirone Faye
Glasses: Miel Genius Peepers
Shoes: Maitreya Verve Pumps Red
2nd Pic
Hair: Maitreya Zoe
Sunglasses: SteinWerk Aviator Shades
Tank: Atomic Sheer Comfort
Jeans: Maitreya BF Jeans


2 responses to “Awesome Group Gifts at Hoorenbeek

  1. I like that business look!

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