salt. o’ the earth

This dress was another of my late night xstreet finds. It caught my eye and when I got a better look, and read the reviews, I had to buy it. When I tp’d to her shop inworld, salt.,  I found some other things I had to have as well. Her creations are so flowy and feminine..I love them. She also has a free group gift right at the entrance.

The hair is from [kiki], a place new to me. It was a 30 linden special but only in this color..they also have an in-store group gift. The skin is the most recent Fishy Strawberry subscribo gift, which I’ve been wanting to blog for a while. I came across it looking for a skin with some brows that would match this hair. This one worked really well I thought.

Skin: *Fi-St* Skin Natalie – Makeup Scarab light
Hair: [kik]hair-Kath
Dress: salt. summer romance vintage sundress
Daisy Anklets by Daisy Thorn(xstreet)
Daisy Circlet on head: Eolande’s Daisy Circlet – cream
The beautiful scenery is a sim called Wanderstill…you should go if you’ve never been…two thumbs up 😉


4 responses to “salt. o’ the earth

  1. Lovely. Just lovely. 🙂

  2. i love this one sooo much darlin…. very very sweet

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