Meet Lilia, the newest creation by Kira Paderborn. A sweet, feminine, porcelain skin, Lilia comes in 10 different makeups ranging from natural to glam..each m/u has hairbase, freckle , and cleavage options, and it comes with an adorbale blonde bun with a modifiable headband to wear with the hairbase skins.

The release date for Lilia is Friday, July 9 at noon SLT. She will be available at both Shapes by Kira on the Flawless sim and Corrupted Innocence on the Corrupted Innocence sim.

taxicab to Flawless sim

taxicab to Corruption

This is the new photoset Ballet Studio from La Petite Morte. I saw it on the feed and I had to have it! lol…another emergency :/ It’s texture changeable with transparent walls for taking pics…30 prims & 300 L.
The last pic is the blonde bun thats included with Lilia…when I saw it wasn’t brown I didn’t bother putting it on for my pics…I tried it on after…I was mad at myself because it would have looked so sweet with the ballerina theme…live and learn 🙂

taxicab to La Petite Morte

dance attire from Short & Sweet Designs, ballet shoes from SLink, hair Lamb
ballet poses by dfo and Diesel Works.

2 responses to “Lilia

  1. Thank you so much! You take such beautiful pictures 😀

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