the alphabet soup bazaar

Earlier I heard some ladies in my fashion group talking about the Alphabet Soup Bazaar. I had never heard of it so I tp’d over to check it out. Its a bunch of booths..set up sort of like a flea market or swap meet and each booth has freebies and dollarbies. I happen to love garage sales and flea markets irl so it was right up my alley. I found several really cute things..mostly things I’d use for layering, and a really cute swimsuit.

I wanted to blog it as quickly as possible..photoshop is very new to me so I don’t exactly “whip up a post” lol. Today is the very last day of the bazaar so maybe you’ll read this in time to tp over and check it out.
Sorry all the shots are squeezed in one pic..that’s where I was putting all my cut-outs when my photoshop started acting up..or it may be my mouse not sure..anyway..that’s as far as I could get…not to mention rl screaming in my ear!!!
Happy Weekend everyone…going to resolve to get my house cleaned spotless this weekend…so I’ll see you Monday!

Everything I’m wearing can be found at the Alphabet Soup Bazaar except for
pink flats
white flip flops: surf couture
hair: lamb
If you click the picture you can see it very large..notice the wrinkles in the tanks and capri’s…and the little zipper attachments on the shorts..these are good freebies…not the painted on crap 😮

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