Kerocs Gacha!

A few days ago I inspected a girl’s handbag and wound up at Chabinns, a really cool little store with some awesome bags. The Kerocs Gacha area immediately caught my eye..and I had to have a pair….I wear this type of shoe almost everyday irl..and i love love love them. The Kerocs are identical to the rl Crocs..and I do mean identical. They are so well made…so real looking..I searched the small store and soon realized the only way to buy them was in the gacha macines..One machine for the left shoes..and one for the rights. Lets just say I spent a lot of linden that day and didn’t have one match..I was pissed lol. I hit the jackpot a few days later when I went back..and found a bunch of girls standing around in mismatched shoes trading! I’ve got 4 pairs now! You can see a few shots below of the trading in action..I hope the ladies didn’t mistake my excitement for aggressiveness…I really wanted those matches! (especially the pink ones) It’s a lot of fun..and its only 35 L$ a play..

Click here to play Kerocs Gacha! at Chabinns!

A lot of the seperates in these shots are from Demina Designs. I know I’m biased because I love the creator, Ophelia Demina so much…but these are really cute, mandatory items…especially if you like the layered look..and come on..who doesn’t like that???

taxicab to Chabinns
taxicab to DeminaDesigns


4 responses to “Kerocs Gacha!

  1. Hi Poppy
    I am obsessed with these daggone shoes. i was wonder if you had an extra 9L or a 10R to trade, i have tons of extras id be willing to give you anything you need that i have for those 2. especially the 9 left which is purple the one i wanted most that started this obsession. rofl
    In world name is SadieMae Jameson

    • lol…me too..obsessed!! like a gambling addiction or something haha…i will check first thing in the morning when i log on and tell you what i have to trade…i know i have a 9 and a 10 but cant remember if theyre l’s or r’s..fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. Poppy
    My offlines capped this morning, if you contaced me, i am afraid i missed it

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