me & ope

Have you heard all the buzz around sl today? It seems as though Armidi is having a “Final Sale”…are they closing? Nobody knows for doesn’t mention one thing about closing in the teaser web page thats going around…(here). Regardless of anything else though..they are having a huge sale tonight starting at 8:00 pm sl time..everything will be 50% off. The sale is being held at theWarehouse, and only theWarehouse group members will be able to attend…(look up theWarehouse in the groups section inworld and join…do it…go!!!!!!!!)

I was surfing through my Armidi folder when my bff Ophelia Demina dropped by and we had a quick photo session……we’ve been wanting to take an updated picture together but today was unplanned..I thought it was cool we were both wearing our Mynerva skins. Her digitally redone masterpiece is the last picture in this set. 🙂

and now…the drumroll please……boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom……..
this is the pic that Ophelia digitally enhanced for us…I love it so much! Surely she won’t mind that I swiped it off her flickr :p

Ms. Ophelia Demina’s style card can be found in her blog, Demina Fashion.
For what I’m wearing…just keep reading…

Skin: Mynerva Fudge Plain Jane… New!
Hair: 69 Me Chestnut
Hat: [Gos] Floppy Hat (yes I know I’ve been wearing it for a few days…dont wanna take it off!)…New!
Eyeware – [Gos] Custom Eyewear Cateye
Swimsuit: Armidi Gisaci Twisting in Bikini
Cardigan: BB* light cardigan…New!
Pants: MIEL MO POCKET PANTS – driftwood
Shoes: Maitreya-Maitreya Gold – Shanti Dark-Ecru
Earrings: Zaara : Anaya cluster earrings Turquoise


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