Poppy’s PawPaw’s Pocketwatch

I love this pocketwatch that I found on xstreet..it reminds me of one that my grandfather had. When you wear it you can hear a very faint “tick tock tick tock…” and every hour theres a beautiful chime. These sounds are optional…I know some people don’t like all the inworld sounds, coughs Ophelia…. I kind of liked it though because it helped me keep track of the time I was playing….I know this comes as a shock to some of you, but sometimes I get carried away with my time on sl :p…Not that this pocketwatch is the answer…I still didn’t get to bed until 3 am last night..;)

Skin: Mynerva Fudge~Plain Jane~
Hair & Hat: =TEKUTEKU= Nate(darkbrown)
Top 1: [W&B] Simple Cropped Bustier Black
Top 2: Pig – Uncle Charlie’s Band Unicorn
Vest: Armidi Limited – Itimo Leather Vest [Dark Brown] Armidi 50% off Sale @ TheWarehouse
Pants: Maitreya BF Jeans – #02
Shoes: BB* Worn-out Boy Style Loafers for girls in old leather-PFM
Bracelets: *~*Cord Wraps: Small (free gift from last years Jewelry Fair)
Pocketwatch: CFF – Fobbed watch – Copper Cogs
Poses: fri.day


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