I’m sporting a casual look today..I was inspired by my Sonic Youth tee from Arnadi. Dorian Deir didn’t miss a trick when creating these tee’s..available in male or female, tucked or untucked, wrinkles in all the right spots, realistic prims, and available in all layers(undershirt, shirt, jacket, underpants). Click here to check out Arnadi’s great collection of tee’s…oh and while you’re there, click the deer antlers on the wall to join the subscribo…he gives gifts on a regular basis.:)

Skin: Mynerva Plain Jane Fudge
Hair: *ARGRACE* Baseball Cap -Relaxed ponytail -Darkbrown
Top: [arnadi] – Tshirt Sonic Youth grey girl
Shorts: *League* Combat Shorts -Green- Female Fit
Shirt(tied around waist): *COCO*_Shirt-tied-around-Waist_BoyishCheck
Shoes: [0N] Wo Boots (Black)
Socks: *League* Combat Shorts -Green
Poses: Porcupine Love


2 responses to “Arnadi

  1. that’s a really cute style … do you know if the [ON] store still exist cos I couldn’t find it on search. I ve seen the store long time ago but unfortunately I haven’t bought the boots that time.. but now I need them!! 🙂 Could you maybe tell me who’s the creator? Thank you ❤

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