more new mynerva

The other new Mynerva release is Cynthia’s Sister, with her cute lil dimples and Mynerva’s signature pouty lips..the makeup variations of this skin blew me away..they are just beautiful. Prepare to fatpack…

The poses in this post were created by Miss Fancy Scrabblebat of Shoppers Anonymous..she sells the packs for only 50 linden a piece in her wont find poses this good anywhere for this price..believe me..I’ve looked! lol…

Oh, and the pants, omg I almost forgot! You’ve got to go pick these up from Connors..they have several items marked down to 1 linden throughout the store..these pants were my very get this patchy version and a plain version..they sell for almost 300 linden regularly..and are so nice!!!! Thank you for the tip Flower!!!!!

Skin: Mynerva Cynthia’s Sister NEW!!
Hair: Maitreya – Hair add-on for GREEN Hoody & Maitreya Green II – Browns Pack
Tank: – Boyfriend Beater (Blue)
Hoodie: Maitreya – Jam Hoody Green
Pants: *Connors* Hip-huggers Jesnes Brown for Ladies’; DOLLARBIE!
Belt: [MANDALA]Mikoto Belt/Brown/FEMALE- NEW!! (omg this is the most amazing belt i’ve ever owned in is so nice!!!!!!!..i’m just sayin….)
Boots & Socks: *Kookie* Armarda/ Dark Choc
Purse: =IZUMIYA=GG Gamaguchi(16)Hana W Green-Gacha Machine
Necklace: [ATOMIC] Lucky Necklace
Poses: Shopaholic’s Anonymous: Fancy Scrabblebat NEW!


8 responses to “more new mynerva

  1. Ooh, love those ragamuffin jeans. If they’re still available I’ll snag them the next time I am on.

  2. Hello Poppy,
    these jeans look really cool on you!

  3. Absolutely adorable as always!! Thank ya Poppy!! 🙂

  4. I think the sale is over. The jeans appear to be back up to 280L.

    • oh it didn’t last very long…i didn’t think they had been marked down for that long when i got them…grrr..i hate that…im sorry sylvan..didn’t this happen to us once before? with that swimsuit?

      • orodwen/mag/whatever you want to call me

        Ya, well, things can happen fast in SL so no worries. Oh! That swimsuit! I had almost forgot… I found it! When dpyumyum & its business cohorts in their sim had their grand reopening sale this summer I found the swimsuit out on display. I meant to tell you but forgot. 🙂 I’ve worn it multiple times. I LURV it. 🙂 TYVM.

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