mop top pop

I’m usually a straight hair kind of gal, but some of the curlier do’s that are coming out lately are irresistable! Raquel from Truth is one of those styles..I never would have even tried it if I hadn’t fallen so in love with the real curly Dernier Cri do, Taylor. This one sort of reminded me of Taylor, but shorter.

The dress is vive9’s newest release and it’s no surprise to me how well made it is, and how easy it is to fit…because vive9 is da bomb :p  It comes with an awesome brown and gold belt that you will definitely see in some future posts, but I opted for Lelutka’s  MI VIDA belt..(and discovered after owning it for almost a year that it’s colorchange, lol)

Oh..and I apologize for putting the ETD purse in this post..I really try not to blog things that aren’t available anymore, but this was an emergency situation. The bag I wanted to carry was the Marine Tote from Indyra Originals, but the vendor system wasn’t working correctly…and Ms. Indyra never responded to my IM’s or notecard, which drove me crazy because it took me about half an hour to track down where that bag was from..I had seen it before but I couldn’t remember where…Trust me..if you search a feed for “red bag” it takes a while to sort through all the results. :/

Skin: .: Vive9 :. Iman Dsquared
Hair: >TRUTH< Raquel – dark browns
Dress: .: Vive9 :. Pouff Pardon – Navy Stripe
Belt: [LeLutka]-MI VIDA Belt_
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps(Electric Red)
Sweater: *COCO*_Cardigan-on-Shoulder_White
Bracelet 1: .:StoRin:. Gatcha – Fae Nautical Bracelet *red/silver*
Bracelet 2: .:StoRin:. Gatcha – Kit Nautical Bangles *blue/silver*
Earrings: ChanelDanglyEarrings(xstreet a long time creator listed :()
Necklace: {Armidi Gisaci} Valencia Pearl Necklace – White
Handbag: ETD City Handbag (red croc) (ETD is closed indefinitely)
Poses: Long Awkward Pose (LAP)


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