Happy weekend everyone..I have had a crazy rl week, that unfortunately hasn’t left me very much time to blog, or even play sl for that matter.

I did get a new Laqroki skin this week though…they’ve had 3 new releases since I last bought a skin..which was Aline. I knew I could only get one so it was a very hard choice, but I ended up deciding on Isabel. She has such a sweetness and innocence about her…mixed with the signature Laqroki sexiness. Isabel comes with blonde brows, and Poppy is a brunette, so I wear her with Laqroki’s black brow and hairbase tattoo.

I had a blast playing dress up in my sl “closet” the other night…the beautiful feather fans are from Chainmations..I think the only time I had been in there was during a hunt..they have got some awesome poses, props, costumes…I wish I had bought the rest of the feather accessories..they had a head piece, a little costume, boas..I was trying not to go too crazy lol..I tend to do that sometimes :p

Skin: Laqroki Isabel Fair
Hair: *mikan_Tanya_choco
Costume: *TSR* Shiva in Opal
Gloves: Blacklace Diva Black Satin Glaves
Hair Accessory: La Boite on my cloud headpiece-pastel
Shoes: [Gos] Platform Pumps – Red/Black
Earrings: Purangi Designs Tango Earrings Silver (gems are colorchange!)
Fans: Chainmations FetishCabaret (Set 6) BOX – “ShowGirl” ***PINK***
Poses: Body Language by SLC


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