gastroenteritis anyone?

ick I know…Misery. I think I’m at the tail-end of it pun intended :/.I can’t wait for my lives to get back to normal..The pic below is pretty accurate, minus the thermometer and Vicks.

I haven’t felt like shopping or trying on clothes..but when i typed flu into The Marketplace search tab and saw this ensemble I couldn’t resist! Plus, it’s all I had it all on in one click.

The Flu: Suzette Rossini-The Marketplace(in-world url on marketplace page)
All items are attachable and include an animated recliner, quilts, hot tea, chicken soup, tissues, a thermometer, a gently misting vapouriser, a TV tray full of medications, and floor tissues. It also comes with male and female sneeze sounds..No gastroenteritis sounds 😦 lol…
and did I mention all of this is only 50L$?? I thought that was a great deal!

The tray below was a gift for my partner when he fell ill last winter…I thought it went well with this post…
you can find it on The Marketplace as well…a sweet gesture for someone you love who isn’t feeling well. The tissue box is scripted to give you a tissue for your runny nose when you touch it.

Get Well Soon Tray: Animation & Design by Dai-The Marketplace-the in-world store url can be found on the product’s marketplace page.

Other items in this post;
Bruce Springsteen, my cat from Zooby’s..I’ve had him from almost the beginning of my sl and he rocks!!!
Trash Basket: can’t have gastroenteritis without a trashcan! This is part of our office set from kussion.
If you have any questions about items shown that aren’t listed here just leave a comment to inquire and I’ll answer promptly.

Also, If I have your review copies to blog, they’ll be up soon and I apologize for the delay..thank you 🙂


11 responses to “gastroenteritis anyone?

  1. /Big hugs. ❤ you. Hope you're right as rain soon xxx

  2. I hope you get to feeling better soon sweetie! What an adorable post though! I can’t believe that was only 50L!!!

    • thanks fancy! yes she had some really cute things in her marketplace store..and they all look so familiar..i looked at the inworld store url but it didn’t have the store name on it..and i didn’t feel like tp’ing over…anyhoo..thanks again for your get well wishes..muahhh…

  3. Aww feel better soon.

  4. I love this post but sorry you’re sick. I adore the fag hanging out your mouth…that’s just precious.

  5. OMG what an idiot I am. That’s no fag. That’s a thermometer. SORRY.

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