a popje with panache

[2010/10/26 16:14] Kaelyn Alecto: you know here in Holland we call a cute girl popje
[2010/10/26 16:14] Kaelyn Alecto: means doll
[2010/10/26 16:16] Poppy Panache: oh …i love that!
[2010/10/26 16:16] Poppy Panache: and in a way poppy is my doll..i think
[2010/10/26 16:16] Poppy Panache: in a big way!
[2010/10/26 16:16] Poppy Panache: lol
[2010/10/26 16:18] Kaelyn Alecto: haha yes
[2010/10/26 16:19] Kaelyn Alecto: SL is so muchfun playing with our poppy’s
[2010/10/26 16:19] Kaelyn Alecto: 😉

Skin: Laqroki Phoebe2
Hair: W&Y HAIR 25 Delete “TYPE C”
Shirt: [Pink Outfitters] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – white
Bolero: The Secret Store – Bow-Lero – Lavender
Shorts: Modd.G Doll Shorts Black
Shoes & Socks: [ATOMIC] Dolled Up – Black
Gloves: *SL* Glamour Gloves Black
Doll Joints: (PixelDolls) Overlay . Doll Joints
Strings: Anara’s Marionette Doll Puppet Strings (I got them on marketplace sl, click here)
Poses: doll poses created by iveta Vella, purchased on marketplace sl, click here.

Pumpkins: GRIMWORX Jack O’Lanterns created by Nita Bracken..these pumpkins rock!!! High quality and low prim…features include:
– COPY, put down as many as you want.
– Modify, change the size to your own needs.
– Only 3 prims each
– Soft flickering light to give a natural candle glow.
– 7 spooky Halloween sounds.
– Sounds are touch activated and can be automatic.


4 responses to “a popje with panache

  1. Oh my sweet popje!!!! These are awesome!!!

  2. a pretty doll indeed ❤ cute post Poppy 🙂 kisses

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