***mystery sl-ebrity blogger***

UPDATE: Well..we had a winner..Titanium guessed correctly that this is Nadja Baxter from German Style…One of the very first fashion blogs I became addicted to! lol…thanks so much to everyone who guessed, and like I mentioned in a comment, I’m stocking up on my goodie prizes inworld so hopefully I’ll have another sl-ebrity sighting soon!

Titanium, where are you?


While at The Dressing Room a couple of days ago I had a sl celebrity (sl-ebrity?) sighting. My friend Dailyn and I had just been talking about how we get “star struck” by all of the talented designers here…and that goes for talented bloggers as well. Like the goob that I am, I IM’d her and asked if I could snap a pic of the two of us, and she graciously complied.

So I’m curious….Does anyone know who this famous sl fashion blogger is? The first person to leave a comment with the correct answer…I’ll send you a goodie prize in-world πŸ™‚ (With the exception of Flower and Dailyn lol and whoever else I ran my big mouth to about it..I think yall are the only two though ;))


7 responses to “***mystery sl-ebrity blogger***

  1. The girl on the right? Is it Minnu Palen?

  2. Nadja Baxter.

  3. Chantelle Mureaux

    Hi Poppy

    I think it’s Milla Michinaga, right?


  4. Titanium wins…it’s Miss Nadja Baxter..thanks for guessing yall! We’ll have to do that more often..I’ll have to start stocking up on my Poppy-Prizes πŸ™‚

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