bud nippers

I was organizing my inventory today, catching up on notecards, and there were a few gifts that I wanted to make a point to get before they ended…at first I was just going to take a quick pic of the Atomic skin…then I thought, “well, I’ll put the Belleza skin in there too…and I kept remembering free things that I wanted to blog lol..it’s a good thing I nipped it in the bud when I did…there are tons of great freebies out all over sl right now…this post could have gotten pretty lengthy! even lengthier! :p

The Atomic group gift for November is a skin promotion for her upcoming store, Illusory, which will be opening sometime this month. Illusory is going to be more like the old Atomic with styles that are more fantasy/urban. The November gift skin was out when I went there today…so please don’t cuss me if it’s not still there…but I have a feeling she’ll leave it out for the holidays..or maybe at least until the opening of Illusory…

The Belleza group gift skin, Erika is really pretty…very full pouty lips…it reminds me some of Charlize Theron. I haven’t posted it until now because of the light brows…I’m just a dark browed girl period..I haven’t tried it with any dark brow tats yet.

The sweatsuit I’m wearing is the With Love Hunt gift from Cynful, and I had to have it..It’s so cute, sexy and simple..perfect for when I’m naked in my photo orb and need to dress quickly and tp to buy something lol…seriously! I waste so much time getting dressed to go pick up a free gift or something…

The skin on the left is the With Love Hunt gift from Heartsick and I had to add it to my special holiday freebie post. Ayame comes with 4 different skin tones..I think it’s very striking and exotic looking. I really love it with the dark Junwave hair…which comes in a fatpack of every color for 2 linden!!! Both hairs pictured above are from 2 linden fatpacks..(look for the red tags on the special hairs)

picture 1: Skin: Atomic .ILLUSORY. Skin Promo – Nov. VIP FREE group gift (group fee but very much worth it!!)

picture 2: (left)  Skin:  Atomic .ILLUSORY. Skin Promo – Nov. VIP FREE group gift, (right) -Belleza- Erika  group gift (fee to join but worth it worth it worth it), Outfit: Cynful Comfy Set, 10L$! With Love hunt item..comes with matching mens pants..that are transferrable!!

picture 3: (left) Heartsick Ayame  10L$!! With Love hunt, Rings: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE DOUBLE PARANOID RING SET FREE!! Group gift..(fee to join but, well…you know the rest by now :p) Hair: ((JUNWAVE))MIKAKO*FATPACK*2L$ (right) skin: -Belleza- Erika  group gift FREE!! Hair: ((JUNWAVE))MARRON*FATPACK*2L$

all pics: Poses: everglow poses Nail Polish: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: FREE Groupgift – Nailpolish (you get blue fuchsia and yellow in tat or glove layer options) (check group notices) (fee to join group…dying to say the rest but i’m not going to…you already know that its worth it!!!)(crap….i said it anyway :p)


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