One of my personal favorite blogs is my.secondlife.free by Val Southard, creator of marukin (one of my very favorite pose shops btw). You can find an awesome freebie on any given day. For the look in this post I found 2 items off her blog, in two different entries. I don’t always credit people when it happens that way..when I’m just wearing one thing from their post..perhaps I should though..

A couple of days ago while surfing through Flickr, a look that I created caught my eye…and when I went to the girl’s page I saw that she’s been blogging outfits that I’ve put together…blogging them exactly as I did..putting none of her own touches or anything really…maybe a different hair..but the same accessories, outfits, etc. I should have felt flattered but my first feeling was annoyance. I know I didn’t make the clothes…anyone in sl who can buy those things are free to wear them…but to put them together and blog them as if she matched them all up…and of course not crediting me…I don’t know..it felt very…what’s the word….invasive? I don’t know…am I being a diva? What do you think? Would you be annoyed if someone blogged an outfit you put together? So curious about the women people who read my blog’s take on this situation…please comment 🙂

When I tp’d in to pick up the free scarf set from NoiRiLiCiouS I rezzed into a nice surprise. Out in the street, in the center of all the little shops on Rue DAntibes, they’ve set up a huge, beautiful Christmas tree with gifts from all the shops underneath it. I had so much fun going back home and opening all of my presents! Thank you to all the creators on Rue DAntibes!

*****click here for taxicab to RueDAntibes!*****

skin: -Glam Affair- Eva skin – Winter make up
hair: fri.day jennifer3 browns
hat, scarf, & boots: NoiRiLiCiouS Merry Xmas! ❤ (gift under giant christmas tree)
top #1: AOHARU_BT_TurtleNeckKnit(Pack A)
top #2: WHO?shortknit(blue) (these tops have been on her luckyboard..yesterday an orange one and a green one but my letter would never come up so i bought one in my favorite color :p)
pants: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (Sep) Jeans DarkBlue
earrings: Aly Istanbul edition diamond snowflake earrings (no LM found :()
poses: Di’s Opera – gift bag (under giant christmas tree)


15 responses to “epigone

  1. aww poppy, thanks so much. 🙂 you have a nice blog! glad you found some use for the free items i post!<3

  2. I read Val’s blog too…and just picked up the scarf set as well as some other things from the same place! Although, with everything that I pick up, I seem to spend more time opening and going “ooo…aaaa” than actually being able to take pictures! XD
    I guess the idea with individuality is that there are so many blogs out there for sl fashion…and we’re all blogging almost the same..things? But it’s the quirks that catch our eyes..and how others wear them. For me personally, I would just ask the ‘said’ person to give you credit for the combination. With that being said…great blog!

  3. Honestly, I understand how you feel and I also think that is very weird. I really try to avoid doing that.

    As you probably know, I have always been a faithful reader of your blog, and I’m not sure I have seen this girl, but I hope that she would get the hint sometime.
    I feel like blogs should be a guide on how you can style something, and that people should not exactly copy it but more so do their own interpretation.
    I read a lot of blogs, and get inspired by it, but I could never see myself copying it straight up, as is from head to toe.

    Instead, I admire the use of items to make the look.

    • i feel exactly the same way…i could never see myself doing that either…i know we all blog the same things…like douler in the previous comment was saying…but we put our own touches to it..and even if it were half or 3/4 the same…but they did something to jazz it up…that would be cool you know..but to go on a shopping trip and spend your linden on every exact item the person was wearing and wear it the exact same way? what’s the point?

      thanks so much for commenting ashe..im a faithful reader of yours as well and i respect your work and your opinion…it means a lot..thanks 🙂

  4. Ah wow this reminds me of my blogpost I made using your style! lol I’d always credit I guess as awesome bloggers are here for inspiration to my opinion! But what’s the point and even the fun in having a blog where you just copy someone else? I can totally understand you… I’d feel the same way if someone did that with my styles. Having rambled about that, I love this style! And it’s a good thing I have SL closed now or I would have rushed to grab those goodies! haha I’m sure I get them tomorrow anywayz 😉 lol

    • oh dear kaelyn that never even crossed my mind …that was like the highest compliment ever when you dedicated that post to me..i showed all my friends and family…no this is something completely different..i know you know that…just sayin 🙂
      yes this was just some weird…thing…..looool….and im glad i blogged about it because now talking to all of yall i’ve just sort of shrugged it off ya know? 🙂

  5. Hello Poppy i have no idea that you will get so hurt for i have used your combination of a dress. I just want to tell/remind you that the day you have commented on my pic i have replied you that its the look i had from your blog i haven’t hided it or deleted your comment cause i have no intention of claiming someones work as mine. If you have carefully seen my blog…there are no copying of anyones looks other than the post i did from yours. and also i have to mention that in my blog i actually mentioned that the work is originally by you under the picture as caption i wonder how you missed it but anyways i just wanted to tell you that i have no intention of placing things of someone as my own. I am a freebie blogger not a fashion blogger like you but that look stole my heart so i couldn’t resist to get them. I apologize if you are hurt for my post but i haven’t credited you isn’t really true may be you just missed/haven’t gone through the blog.

    • Amulya..I apologize..no I didn’t see where it said that…I’m very sorry for writing any of this! When I get back from my morning errands I will update this post and apologize to you. Please forgive me if it made you feel sad when you read this…it wasn’t my intention to hurt your feelings.

  6. Hey thats okay poppy no problem no need to apologize i can understand your feelings. Forget it what happened. Be happy don’t think of it much i just wanted to tell that i did mentioned the work is by you so you would not feel bad. Everything’s fine now. Smile…:)

  7. Are you serious? With all that is going on the world, this is what you are worried about? Imitation the highest form of flattery. Sure, constantly copying one’s style from head-to-toe defeats the purpose of having a blog. But, why care? Be happy you have a successful blog and don’t get a big head. This is only SL!

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