reconnaître ses torts

everything sounds better in french 🙂

I feel really bad about my last post..I wish I could forget it all…a reader, Katey Katya, nailed it when she commented…

“Are you serious? With all that is going on the world, this is what you are worried about? Imitation the highest form of flattery. Sure, constantly copying one’s style from head-to-toe defeats the purpose of having a blog. But, why care? Be happy you have a successful blog and don’t get a big head. This is only SL!”

Thank you Katey for putting things into perspective, and my apologies to Amulya Paolina for any sad/bad feelings I may have caused you to have..

Now enough of all that…I finally made it to Mon Tissu and omggggg..Amazing clothes..sort of on the pricey side, and I was pouting about that for a while, but once I got home and tried it all on…seriously…I felt it was worth every penny.

skin: glam affair jadis natural..thank you Marilyn 🙂
hair: !lamb. Unbirthday Redux – Chocolate Bars Pack (marked down to 30L$ per color pack!)
top #1: jane aviator sweater cream
top #2: {mon tissu} So Boho Blouse – Bisque
belt: {mon tissu} Park Avenue Top (belt part only worn) (color-change) (awesome:p)
pants: basic leggings chocolate
boots: {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Black
purse: tram gamaguchi bag
necklace: LaGyo my special friend (previously @ TDR)
poses: everglow



7 responses to “reconnaître ses torts

  1. poppy, you shouldn’t feel bad. i don’t think it was a big-headed opinion for you to have. i would be upset if people copied me, too. after a while, get over it and move on~ life is like that.

    this is “only SL”—that’s just an excuse. we don’t want to be happy having a successful blog. we want to be happy with a unique blog. no offense towards Katya, but this is what i feel.

  2. thank you for your wise words val..and yes i agree with what you’re saying..i think that’s the awesome thing about the sl blogs is looking at everyone’s unique style.
    this comment means a lot to me because I tried really hard not to come off sounding bratty or diva-ish…and i know nobody that reads this blog really knows me…but i’m not the type to ever hurt anyones feelings or bad mouth anyone…i dont know…i just thought it would be something good to blog about i guess lol

  3. I do apologize if I came off harsh. I guess I have been getting a bit annoyed with all the drama going around the grid in regard to things like, “So and So stole my design!” (which usually is a template in most cases) and “So and so stole my look!” (especially when most cedible bloggers tend to vibe toward the same designers. And, to be perfectly honest, I felt kind of sorry for the blogger who went out and literally bought every item you did and went on to blog it! I honestly don’t get why she did that. She could have just given a direct link to post and saved herself a world of trouble! *Laughs out loud* She did this quite a few times. It is apparent she doesn’t have the gift you have for creating outfits and blogs on a whole other level. Obviously, I read your blog becuase I enjoy your “unique” style and that you blog actually has verbal content. I lurveeeee pretty pics, but I also like a store too. Keep up the great work!

  4. BTW, I absolutely love what you did with the tops from { Mon Tissu }! OMGahhh! I went nuts in there too! But you are right, it is definitely worth every Linden! I also love that !lamb is right across the way, but that just adds more injury on wallet. *palms face*

    • thanks! when I put those boots on i wanted to find a blazer that looked like i was getting ready for riding lessons or something …but then when i tried the mon tissu top on with it..omg youre right its all so gorgeous..i could go on and on about it..oh wait..i am! lol…

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