mystery skin challenge-solved!

There are so many ways to wear these AMAZING coveralls by 19MC…my lotd just being just one of them. Actually, the blog post that led me to the coveralls nails it…here…Aiko Avril did some awesome work on this shoot(and every shoot! lol).

Ok, so I’ve gone a little skin crazy lately…this is another new one that I’ve haven’t blogged yet…anyone care to take a guess as to which skin this is I’m wearing?

skin: ???
hair: Exile Artemis/ Dark Browns New!!
top #1: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: TubeTops Pack BlackPlus
top #2: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (Sep) Short Sweater DarkGrey
top #3: *Crazy* Chenille Top Green(past special @ TDR)
coveralls: [19MC] COVERALL-02 =OliveDrab
gloves: .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Black Pack Free!!
shoes: [0N] Wo Boots (black)
poses: everglow


9 responses to “mystery skin challenge-solved!

  1. Cute look! Hmm looks like Curio Ice Queen?

  2. Curio! Yayy!

  3. omg yall thank you so much for guessing and yes you were all correct…Curio Ice Queen…hmm..yall are too good to play this game lol…i’m going to have to be on the look out for something to stump you, lol.

  4. Wow and this again looks amazing on you! Love the look! You even fit this weeks color challenge without being in it! 😉

    • thanks sweet Kaelyn :)…you know, i realized that about the color challenge right before i posted and i was so pooped i was like,eh, i’ll think about it later, lol. i’ll make it my officially unofficial entry 😉

  5. thank you for blogging the coverall!!!!!!
    love your styling & this cute blog sooo much~<33

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