R.icielli I

R.icielli has so much amazing newness I couldn’t even fit it all into one post. :p Fleur Nicoletti, formerly known as Vliet Ricielli, has always created top of the line pieces, but I feel like she’s taken it to another level with her latest collection. Sculpted prims that fit so well a large majority of the pieces don’t even require the use of a  clothing layer beneath, textured in rich silky fabrics.

✿✿✿taxicab to R.icielli✿✿✿

Stratus Fashion has a couple of Christmas gifts that will be out for a few more days; a knit scarf and hat that I haven’t tried on yet, and the freckle and beauty spot tattoos in the pics below. In the package you get 4 tats-eye mole tat, lip mole tat, freckles, and “the works”. This is a great gift..I paid 50L$ a piece for tats just like these on the marketplace.

skin: -Glam Affair – Eva Natural
hair: Dark Mouse Sabrina – Browns New!! thank you Sisch! 😉
shirt: R.icielli – LOURDES bouse /salmon New!!
skirt: R.icielli – MARILYN-I highwaisted skirt /spring2 New!!
vest: R.icielli – SCARLLET vest /cagan + satin New!!
tights: [yumyum] Race leggings…..pale
bag: [LeLutka]-GRAFITO bag/praline
boots: {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Dark Brown
jewelry: MIEL AHI SET
poses: R.icielli New!!
freckles & beauty spots: Stratus Fashion Free!! limited time, hurry!


3 responses to “R.icielli I

  1. Vixen Thibedeau

    Hi Poppy!

    I just really discovered your blog today even though I’ve actually fallen in love with several of your outfits beforehand after seeing them on iheartsl.com. I love your blog and your fashion style! I know this is probably a “faux pas” but I am IN TOTAL AWE of your face! Would you be willing to share either where you got your shape or even just the measurements for your face only? It is absolutely stunning. I’ve been in SL 3 years (as of yesterday, woohoo) and could REALLY use a “fresh face”. ❤ Vix

    • Hi Vix..thank you so much for the kind words about my blog! The girl who made my shape is no longer in sl..I have tried on shapes for alts though, and I can tell you a few of the places that have my favorite shapes. Pink Fuel, Vive9, glow studio…i’m sure theres more…I’ll be thinking. Try on some demos at a few of those places…I know you’ll find something that is “you” 🙂 oh, and Happy Rez Day! xxx

  2. Vixen Thibedeau

    Thanks, Poppy!

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