oOo free photo studio!-UPDATED

UPDATE: The Photo Studio will be available tomorrow, Saturday Feb. 12 through her Subscribo. So sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused anyone. Love, PP


These photos were all taken in the oOo Photo Studio, a really cool FREE group gift from oOo. 48 prims, it has a white screen area for your pose stand..although it comes with a pose stand with poses in it has a chaise and a stool both filled with poses…

This gift really wowwed me and I’m thinking about leaving it permanently rezzed on our beach…it’s nice to look out and see the ocean and to hear my beach sounds while I’m taking pics…very atmospheric…and as you can see from the first pic in the post, I can get the same result as I do from my orb in the sky.

Of course if it stays I’ll have to do a little landscaping, rez some plants or trees, maybe put it on a deck..or a little pier?…lol…what kind of a prim whore would I be if I didn’t??

You can replace the photos on the studio walls with your own pics. On the opposite wall theres also a place for a photo (plus the stool)…and if you mess anything up it’s all copy/mod, just rez another studio 🙂

click here for taxicab to oOo

skin: laqroki aline fair worn with BOOM Express Mascara (3 coats)
hair: [e] Early – VIP Collection FREE for VIP members! (5 colors included!)
top: AOHARU_BT_TurtleNeckKnit Silver
shrug: Mimikri – Zazie Shrug sirocco
scarf: *BOOM* Righteous Muff (Burgandy)
pants: * Mimikri – Roxy white / Pants
belt: LaGyo_Basic chain belt silver
manicure: (DN) Manicure – Ginny
ring: Zaara : Trusha rings *clear* (silver)
earrings: “LoQ” Chinese Earrings MDV Hunt Item
boots: Baiastice_Bow-back up knee Boots-red
poses: oOo Photo Studio FREE subscribo gift!

10 responses to “oOo free photo studio!-UPDATED

  1. Ohhh, really neat!

    I can’t seem to find the groupjoiner in the store though, just a subscribergroup?

    • no Nina…it’s a group gift…I’ll look into it when I get in world and get back to you about it..actually..i may not have to go in world…let me check something quickly…ok try doing a search for Olaenka Chesnokov, shes the creator..and join from the group on her profile, and then check the group notices…keep me posted if that works!

    • Hey Nina..I got all the correct info…I updated the will be available tomorrow via subscribo..sorry if this caused you any grief. xxx

  2. Love everything about your look!
    No way! That huge fancy photo studio is free? Wow! I don’t think have room on my land for it though…but if it’s free it won’t hurt to try. 🙂

  3. Olaenka Chesnokov

    i am over the moon that you liked this, Poppy. Thank you so much for reviewing it. It is a group gift and will be out tomorrow, Saturday, for members of my subsciber group. I don’t do gifts as often as I should, so when I do, I want them to be worth it. 😉 Glad this one made the cut. (and I will be happy to build you a little porch for it.

  4. I’m off to get it later (is at work). Luckily a friend has some room on his place for me to land prims! Horray for this! Thanks Poppy 🙂

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