chic limited teaser

I didn’t have time to put a look together this evening because I finally got to spend some time with my Valentine :). But I wanted to tell you that the Chic Limited Event starts today, Saturday…it’s actually still my Friday night lol..I haven’t gone to bed yet…so I’ll post the LM tomorrow once it opens.

The theme this month is Anti Valentine, so you know there are some awesome items.

LM to come!!!!

Also..duh..I can’t believe I almost didn’t mention this…this skin is the Glam Affair Valentine Gift for Group Members, Eva. She comes in 5 diff skin tones..I’m wearing the Natural. There is a 30 L$ fee to join the group, and let me tell you, they are very good to their members. (heheeee…i said members)..ok…time to go to bed im getting delerious…all LM’s will be posted tomorrow :p….g’nite!


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