biggest mystery skin challenge ever!!! SOLVED (see comments!)

Ok, I say this is the biggest Mystery Skin Challenge ever because this skin is by one of my all time favorite skin creators, she hasn’t had a release out in a long while…since some time last year…and I have been so excited about her new skins…and it’s not out yet! She said it would definitely be out by the Skin Fair if not before. Can you tell which awesome creator made this skin??

While putting this look together I decided to try some different eyelashes so I went through my very thick eyelash folder..and found some Laqroki ones that I’ve had forever and I just fell in love with them (Laqroki Mascara Black Flirty)..I don’t think I’ve ever worn them before now!

Ok, I’m working on the “all skins” pics as we speak so I’ll be making the grand announcement very soon, but do you know??? Who is this awesome skin made by????

skin: Mystery Skin Challenge!!!
hair: Maitreya Lotte – Browns Pack New!!
hat: [LeLutka]-AUDREY hat/palegoldenrod
sunglasses: [SteinWerk] – Aviator Sunglasses
bra: R.icielli – SHINY bra /gold
shirt: AOHARU_FrontKnotShirt_White
skirt & belt: (Milk Motion) My long skirt
shoes: Maitreya Gold – IXkin Sienna
bag: [LeLutka]-CAFETERO Bag/Tan
earrings: [MANDALA]MONICA earring/inca gold
bracelets: [MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle
necklace: MANDALA]Soul2 Jewelry set (Brown)UNISEX
manicure: SLink Jolie Sculpted Prim Nails
poses: porcupine love


41 responses to “biggest mystery skin challenge ever!!! SOLVED (see comments!)

  1. Super cute look ❀

    Skin totally looks like Mynerva.

  2. Agrees with Ashe, definitely looks like Mynerva and soooo pretty!

  3. I was thinking Symphony? She hasnt had a release out in awhile.

  4. Did you do any touch up around the nose… if not that is the BEST nose i have ever seen!

  5. I’m going to guess Mynerva, mainly because I’m dying, dying, dying for some new Mynerva skins. Plus, it looks like the same fabulous quality.

  6. ofcourse its mynerva her lipes are her signature

  7. Could it be the new line of skins from Mynerva, called Kianna? ^_^

  8. it’s redgrave!!!

  9. Mynerva skin yes,absolutely, lips are great πŸ™‚ Fudge skin tone ? Are you wearing additional eyebrows ? That’s not the regular eyebrows on Plain Jane skin according to me, but I recognize Style 1 lipsticks (love the gloss effect!!)

    • wow Archan you are good lol..yes I wore her eyebrows over the skins eyebrows for a fuller look…although the skin is available with no brows. thanks for the comment! oh and not fudge tone..with this one she just did numbered tones so this is number 5..thanks for guessing!!

  10. OH! it might be “Sophie” !

  11. Pink Fuel! πŸ˜€

  12. i would think of novita πŸ™‚

  13. Yes i wear Mynerva and thats what it looks like to me with the added lipgloss
    Plain jane?

  14. Wow! Thanks so much for your comments everyone! Those of you who guessed Mynerva are correct with Miss Ashe Anthony ringing in first!

  15. Ok, give it up girl…LOL
    Where is this amazing skin? I could not find it in the main store at:

  16. I suck cuz I’ve never heard of Mynerva. I’m such a noob. :p The skin is amazing. I’ll have to go check it out.
    You look fabulous darling! Love the whole look!

  17. It’s definitely mynerva. I would know the eye detailing from anywhere. Thats what I loved so much about her skins. She really paid attention to the detail when doing it. I am yet to see anyone do it quite that way and that good.

  18. Mynerva for sure!!!!!!

  19. On the other note…where is the shirt and hat from oO

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