blogging in bra & bikini in beautiful bedroom brings bliss

there’s a world where i can go and tell my secrets to…
in my room…

Two posts in one day..woo hoo! This isn’t my typical type of post, but I really wanted to show you this Glamour Girl  Bedroom Photo/Pose Set. It’s new from Dantel…and Dantel is new to me!

When decorating in sl I’ve always loved the smallest touches, which I feel makes it more realistic. This photo set has those small touches; rumpled clothes and undergarments scattered about, the life-like laptop, hand bag and shoes on the floor at the foot of the bed..

It’s a really well made feminine textures..oh and also scripted with poses and can be used by more than one person. I intend on setting it up in my sl bedroom lol…I know it’s a photo set but I can’t help myself it’s adorable!

Everything you see is included, most of it linked, but some not, so you may want to rez it in edit mode so you can position it easier if needed.

TP to Dantel and look around..they have clothes and accessories as well…very flirty & feminine…lovin’ it 🙂

also worn in pics:
skin: laqroki
hair: [e] glory TDRB special edition
glasses: nala
lingere: {mon tissu}
socks: miel

4 responses to “blogging in bra & bikini in beautiful bedroom brings bliss

  1. Really adorable. Love it ^.^

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