fresh out of the box

So it seems while I was “away” Laqroki released a new skin..I finally was able to go try it on and unfortunately I loved it.

I’ve heard a few people comment that all of Laqroki’s skins look alike, but I think they each have their own look and personality…yes some favor, but you’ll get that with any skin line.

Linnea comes with 10 different makeups, including a natural, clean faced one that will be good for makeup tats.(also good for people like myself who prefer the natural look). The makeups are so beautiful and svelte though.. They remind me of Chanel and Lancome colors.. Each makeup/skin comes in a blonde brow and a dark brow version as well.

Hopefully everyone’s had a chance to check out LaViere by now…and if not omg…I’m sure you’ve heard of it’s awesomeness. Before my break I went nuts in there one day lol. This dress was my favorite purchase of the day I think..well no, never mind that would be too hard to say….it’s all so gorgeous. This little dress reminds me of a flower, and it wears really well. I’ve had it on for a couple of days now and I’ve been exploring and shopping..on the move…I honestly don’t think I’ve had to adjust it once! 🙂


skin: Laqroki Linnea (fair) New!
hair: [e] Theory – Rich Browns New!
dress: -LaViere– Romper Dress (Coral)
ring: [ glow ] studio – Pearl goddess rings (TDR Blue 16)
necklace: Dark Mouse Pearl Drop Necklace
flower (in hair): with the hair Marie
shoes: tram Crepe Flats (black)
poses: HelaMiyo


8 responses to “fresh out of the box

  1. So cute. Love how you displayed the skins.

  2. What an awesome skin review picture. The box is so creative. The skin looks beautiful on you- brown hair people have it best when buying skin tones for their avatar- warm and cool undertone skin look good on you because brown hair is a neutral. I love Laq faces but I am a blonde and all their skin tones are warm undertone, yellowish skin and yellowish (blonde) hair- just do not look good (unfortunately). I have sent notecards to the creator to make some more cool undertone tan colors for us blondes and black haired (summer and winters), I will just cross my fingers. =)

    • thank you so much for your kind words Kirsten and yes i know exactly what you mean..i was blonde for the first year of my sl and i remember…i used to struggle to find a good shade of blonde too…looks like you have succeeded in finding a beautiful skin and look gorgeous!

  3. You are wonderful as usual ❤
    Need to go shopping together soon:))
    xoxo, Flow

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