hope springs eternal

I’ve been enjoying playing around in photoshop lately..it’s great stress therapy! There are some amazing tutorials to be found also. I’ve mentioned Strawberry Singh’s tutorials..I know most of us have seen/read those, but if you haven’t you must! I also came across this one, which had very thorough, easy to follow instructions and a long list of different “projects” or effect tutorials..none too frighteningly long. I would LOVE it if anyone could recommend any good tutorial sites or videos or whatever!

I fell in love with the kimono dress when I saw Val wearing it on my.secondlife.free, so I tp’d to C’est la vie and lo and behold… there was a pretty lil’ “P” up on the lucky board just waiting for me! That’s something that never happens!

TP to C’est la vie Lucky Boards!

The only thing I wore with this dress was my SLink bare feet, exactly as I would do irl.

also worn in this post…
skin: laqroki
hair: maitreya
rake & pose: rc cluster (only on marketplace now)



2 responses to “hope springs eternal

  1. thanks for wearing ::C’est la vie!::’s clothes❤

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