she soothes my soul

 Laqroki‘s new, Mini, modeling Lelutka‘s Jumpsuit..and yes…again with the Mischa Wedges..(I told you it would be 3 or 4 posts! :p)

Below are all of the makeups included with Mini…and seperate brown hairbase versions included as well.

It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to spend some time with my Ope, aka demi. Last night we had so much fun posing and taking pics and goofing off…just like old times. Thanks was just what the doctor ordered! 🙂

Well…there was one teeny thing…it did give me a horrible relapse of shadow envy when she took the pic below of us.

I had just started getting over the shadow-envy from the pic my friend Dai did of me(below) if you didn’t already see it in my flicka.

So today I installed several viewers in search of shadows, to no avail. Oh…did I mention I have a Mac? Yea yea..I know..Well I heard through the grapevine that Mac users could have shadows now…so I installed a few of the ones that work for some of the victims users…sighs….but alas…..still no shadows for poppy 😦


on poppy;
skin: laqroki mini New!
hair: [e] elikatira
jumper: lelutka jumpsuit New!
shoes: lelutka mischa wedges New!
earrings: TFG group gift Free!
bangles: YS&YS
poses: porcupine love

see demi’s style card here♥


2 responses to “she soothes my soul

  1. Hey Poppy!

    What kind of mac to you have? I have the new 27″ iMac and I can only get shadows on the new official SL viewer 2. Try that one and make sure you have antialiasing disabled, and “Hardware Skinning” checked in graphics.

    Hope this helps!

    • hey teresa..unfortuately my mac is older…probably 4 years almost already..hard to believe and sad how quickly they become “dinosaurs”…a friend gave me this link that has worked for a lot of mac people that haven’t been able to get shadows. I was really hopeful because I was pretty sure I had the same model as he did and it worked for him..but it still didn’t work for me 😦
      The enable shadow option wasn’t grayed out like on all the other viewers I’ve tried, but each time I tried to check the box i would crash immediately…I must have tried about 20 times lol.

      Thanks for the comment though..that was very thoughtful…I’ll just have to keep praying to the shadow gods I reckon 😉 xxx

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