kyoot has a gift for you❤

As an “apology” for putting her FLF item out late,  Saeya Nyanda of Kyoot is giving away one of her awesome new Last Thread Tanks and a pair of matching socks. It will be out all week along with the FLF deal (pictured below). The free gift can be found in a blue paper bag next to the 50L vendor at the landing point.

Click here for taxicab to Kyoot

There’s no need for an apology Miss Saeya…we all know how demanding rl can be…I know I get stressed out when I can’t make regular posts in my lil blog…I can’t imagine the stress of a successful designer…no apologies necessary!

However….we will take any gifts you’d like to know…to make you feel better and all 😉

also worn;
skin: laqroki Mini (fair)
hair: truth Denise (dark browns)
panties: School Daze Cotton Panties White Jenika Connolly Marketplace SL
poses: long awkward pose

2 responses to “kyoot has a gift for you❤

  1. Great blog! I enjoyed my visit 🙂

    Very cute avatar, btw!

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