mystery skin challenge & freebies for the 4th

A quick Happy 4th of July post, with some really cute can have these Role Optic sunglasses on your nose (or head) in just a few clicks..just follow this link to the marketplace…if you’ve never tried glasses from Role Optic this is a good opportunity to see how nicely made they are..for free! 🙂

Next TP to elly and grab this free tank..while you’re there be sure and click her subscribo so you can get all the cool freebies she’ll be giving out to members only…

and you can never have too many pairs of cute undies…here’s 3 more to add to your virtual panty drawer-free @ WWI.

skin: NEW…can you tell from who???
hair: >TRUTH; Mylie – browns
sunglasses: ROLE OPTIC PATRIOTIC I FREE! on marketplace sl!
tank: elly:: FREE [4th of July] GIFT
panties: WWI RWB Panty Set (3 pair) Free Gift!!
shorts: dp yumyum denim shorts navy damaged
socks: WWI Boyfriend Garter Socks
shoes: Kookie Armada Boots Long (Black) (if you haven’t heard Kookie is having a half off sale on certain pairs of shoes that will soon be gone forever (these boots aren’t in the sale but i wanted to mention it anyway))
bracelets (L): *Urbanity* Leather Bands
(R): Dahlinks Heart Lock Chain Bracelet
necklace #1: Ha! And their Faith is Firm *silver*
#2: :::::Sole DOG TAG:::::
bare feet (2nd pic): SLink
poses: porcupine love

7 responses to “mystery skin challenge & freebies for the 4th

  1. I know:)
    So i know you’re very poor right now lol

    • well…i stay poor…but…this skin was actually the cheapest one they’ve ever sold that i know of…because only 5 in the pack…working on the post for it tonight…im loving it so much though…not a very good mystery skin challenge with no closeups i know..but sure everyone will know what it is anyway lol…hugs and kisses to my sweet flower…

  2. So cute and patriotic. 🙂

    Your new skin looks like it is Laq Olivia?

    • it is indeed…i was thinking it looked quite different for a laq skin but yall guess it so easily…although..i must remember i’m dealing with pro’s lol…thanks miss ohna xxx

  3. Awww sweet Olivia looks amazing on you 😉 Laqroki always looks perfect on your shape! ❤ Happy 4th of July popje!

    • heehee thank you Sweet…i was worried at first because i was having puter issues when i was demo’ing it…i think i was seeing olivia mixed with ruth lol…not pretty!

  4. Yes, indeed, the price is sooo nice and it looks so fab on you. As usual ❤

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