shadow play

just practicing on my photoshop shadows..since it’s not looking like I’m going to have them anytime soon. I’ve tried too many viewers to list that have given other Mac users shadows..I guess my graphics card isn’t up to date enough, I don’t know…any suggestions are welcomed!!

I know most of you have already seen all the new goodies from Maitreya…but you haven’t seen them on me! Well..there is a possibility some of you have…since I’ve had this outfit on for the past 4 days or so lol…time to get this post finished and change clothes, dammit!

The new Allegre shoes from Maitreya..***swoons***

Also, have you heard about the Hair Fair flickr photo contest? They’re giving away some really great prizes, the one that really catches my eye is the 1 year Pro Flickr Account…especially since I’m getting the little “renew your subscription” warning every time I log onto Flickr…

Click here for contest rules and details…

skin: LAQ ~ Olivia [Fair] worn with Cheap Makeup Mascara Verna (gacha item)
hair & headband: [e] With – Rich Browns New!! [e] @ The Hair Fair
top: Maitreya Tucked-in Blouse – White Body
bra: *Fishy Strawberry* Lingerie – Soignee 2011 (Red)
pants: Maitreya Acer Chino – Light Brown New!!
shoes: Maitreya Gold * Allegre Sky New!!
bag: [CheerNo Femme] KAMALA – Wicker Bag ::TFG::
bracelets: [Armidi Gisaci] Glitz Bangle Combo – Silver
necklace & ring: Bang Bang – The Poppy by Sisch Firecaster
earrings: [Baubles] Poppy Fields by Chic Aeon (part of set, earrings only worn) marketplace sl, click here 🙂
manicure: beauty by alaskametro
poses: with love & squalor

6 responses to “shadow play

  1. Wow! Your shadows are fabulous! I love them! I also love all the gorgeous Maitreya releases too. I was laughing when you talking about the “renew message”, becuase I have too!

  2. Btw, I had to re-read this post. You could have be fooled by the fact that you were not using shadows! Amazing work, Poppy. Plus, you look amazing ❤

    • really??? i guess we are our own worst critics..i see so many boo boos lol…and maybe you are biased because you love me??? heehee…either way..thank you for the sweet comments, Miss Lila… you’ve got me sitting here grinning ear to ear..xxoo

  3. Hi Poppy – its looking great with the PS-Shadows!
    I am am Mac-User too – and i’ve tried the newest LindenLab SecondLife Viewer …with that one i have shadows and DoF at my MacbookPro! And the new Phoenix-Firestorm-Beta gave me shadows too – but no Depth of Field. Maybe it worth a try?

    Sunny Greetings
    Marlen Slazar

    • Hi Marlen..thank you so much for the suggestions…and yes I’ve tried both of those…unless theres an option I don’t know about that I’m supposed to click or something I’m supposed to do…the shadow option is shaded out so I cant click it..if that makes sense…I have a Mac OSX 10.5.8…it seems like my nice new computer became a dinosaur overnight 😦 I think I better start a new computer piggy bank lol…Thanks again for your comment and for looking at my blog..big hugs to you…PP

  4. *LOL* I was just re-reading my posts. I must have been really tired when I wrote them, because half of my post does not make much sense. Then again, I am the Queen of typos. I swear that I truly am literate! I am just so tired when I actually get around to writing *LOL*
    Well, we definitely are our own worst critics, becuase I can’t find anything wrong. But, then again, this is also coming from a person who can’t compose a proper sentence. *laughs* I do know how you feel though. I fuss and pick at my work so much. In the end, I tend to only see where I messed up and not the whole composition.
    Trust me, your work is amazing. But, it could also because I loves you ❤ JK ^^

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