sarong song

I’ve had my eye on the Connors Pareo sets since they first started showing up in the feeds, and I was finally able to get one. The tank and panties come with the sarong-the one I chose is called Hibiscus..but they could pass for poppies..maybe? :p
Have you been to Connor’s lately? Not too very long ago I went in and was really blown away by how far they had come since I first went there (a year or more ago). Don’t get me wrong, it was nice back then but everything just looked extra high quality this time 😉

While you’re there rez a bike and ride around their roomy store (bicycle rezzer by the front entrance). Don’t forget to join the group and pick up the group gifts in the front. They also have a lucky board on each side of the store (men’s and womens sides)..the men’s gift is unisex. 🙂

also worn;
skin: Laqroki
hair: Truth
hat: Lelutka
feet: Maitreya
poses: Everglow


2 responses to “sarong song

  1. I’m wondering just how difficult it must have been for you to put a hat from one creator onto the hair of another. I’ve almost given up on hats unless they come with the hair. It would be great if creators could design hats with changeable hairs and a no hair option that could work with hairs from other creators. And this whole outfit is just lovely, perfectly styled.

    • hi xanna..i’m not sure if you’ll ever receive this response it’s been so very long…but i always make a copy of the hair i’m wearing with that particular hat (the original unmodified hair) then i edit the copy of the hair so that it will fit under the hat. i click the hair to put it in edit mode, then click edit linked parts..i think thats what it says..and it lets you edit your hair prim by i’ll push some in, make some transparent, until it’s the way i like it. then you can put a copy of the edited hair in with the folder, for easy’s been so long you’ve probably figured it out by now lol..but maybe this helps in some way. take care and thanks for the nice compliment 🙂

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