in his shirt

There is something very sexy and intimate about wearing “his” shirt…not to mention how cozy it is, or how good it always seem to smell.

I’ve heard a lot of people ask where to find men’s shirts for women throughout my whole sl..and there have been some really good ones, too. You’ve always got to adjust those prim parts though, and, of course, they don’t move with your body the way that mesh does.

I was really excited to find these Men’s Shirts for Ladies on the marketplace…I saw that it said “fashion kit,” and at first I worried that it would be something really complicated with the texture maps and all that other stuff that I don’t understand. But when I saw it was full perm all sorts of exciting possibilities came to my mind, so I took a chance and paid the 250 L$. I also really wanted to try this type of item made in mesh.

5 sizes of shirts are included from XS-XL plus the alpha. Also included in the kit is: textures for shirt and alpha mask, a shadow map, and a UV map. If you are like me and have no idea what all or any of that stuff is, don’t worry about it.

In layman’s terms 3 textures are included (the 3 pictured above) and these shirts are super easy to texture. First, rez your shirt directly on the ground. Then hold ctrl down and drag your texture choice from the Ladies Men’s Shirt Fashion Kit folder in your inventory to the shirt. I always have the shirt in edit mode so that way I can go to the general tab in the edit box and type in Mens Shirt Plaid, for example, so when I pick it back up I know which one to put on my body. They are full perm so they can start adding up in the folder when you begin texturing them.

The Shadow map and UV maps make it possible for you to use any texture you wish for your shirt. Also included are instructional cards and they are very easy to understand…for the most all depends on how many glasses of wine you’ve had.

There is also a “terms and conditions” card basically saying you can’t turn right around and sell these in your store..and some other things that I didn’t read but probably should have…the terms and conditions are listed in the product description of her marketplace store, here, so you don’t have to buy the product to read them.

I think that 250 L$ is a steal for this shirt, even if you just use the 3 textures included like I did. Hell, even if you just use one of the textures I think it’s worth it.  They’re full-perm, did I mention that? So once you texture one with desired texture, it’s in your inventory for good.

You can pass them to your alts, give one to a friend, wear them for your man. This would be an awesome staple for an sl guy to have in his inventory. In my opinion it would be really romantic for my guy to give me a shirt like this to wear…or if you’re a player (I know..what??? a player in sl???) then you can hand them out like Halloween candy 😉

worn in this post:
shirt: Full Perm Rigged Mesh Ladies Men’s Shirt-Fashion Kit by Meli Imako on Marketplace sl
hair: Truth Drew Dark Browns
feet: Maitreya pointed toes
poses: Diesel Works
lingere: Elly ~Plain jane bra & Boyshort undies (@ ZPC Brand)

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