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thank you for brightening my bubble

…there’s a boy in my bubble.

i told him, it’s very small in here, it can be terribly lonely, and i do have my bratty moments…
but everytime i wake up..he’s still there…with me.

suddenly the small space isn’t all that bad :), my bubble is happy…no more lonliness to be found.

and the brattiness…

well, 2 out of 3 aint’ bad 😉


on moi;
skin: laqroki phoebe
hair: lelutka lohan
dress: michami wrap dress in berry New!!
shoes: armidi and lelutka..i couldn’t stand it any longer i had to put them back on!!!!
ring & bangles: zaara
necklace: sms
flower(in hair): fri.day comes with “marie” hair
poses: porcupine love

on Jinx:
hair: Hype Caleb hair
glasses: [Gos]
nails & rings: mandala
necklace: ROZOREGALIA+Gemma
piercings: PoM
gauged piercings: cobrahive
ears: aitui
shoes: INDI Designs
Clothes/Outfit: Gothicatz<<Mirage
poses: everglow

*store links are on their way…in the mean time just message if you need one…thanks! PP

a day like any other

skin: Lara Hurley-Aimee worn with Kyoot Cateye m/u Oceania
hair: [e] Mood – Rich Browns
top: Pig – Chenille Turtleneck – Magenta
vest: *BOOM* Mini Vest (Chocolate) 1
pants: Armidi – Grace Jeans – Vintage
sash: The Secret Store – Scarf Belt – Blue Fog
gloves: [W&B] Riding Gloves EDEN
necklace: Apple May Designs – Open Sea Necklace
boots: paper couture; Typhoon Boots – Brown
poses: Del May


skin: laqroki
hair & hat: clawtooth
scarf: league
jacket: armidi
top: emery
skirt: sms
socks: royal blue
gloves: whippet & buck
shoes: surf couture
bag: orta
necklace: shade throne
poses: marukin

NEW! Vive9’s Tao Crane Collection

The Crane collection has three tones; Paste, Milk, & Apricot (apricot shown in this post). There is also an optional teeth tattoo layer sold seperately. Available only at the Eugene store at the moment, but she’ll soon be at the main store along with additional makeups.

Skin: Vive9 Tao Crane Apricot
Hair: >TRUTH< Tia – light browns
Top: AOHARU_BT_TurtleNeckKnit_Brown
Pants: Armidi – Grace Jeans – Scratch
Poncho: AOHARU_PonchoCardigan_Ivory
Jewelry: [MANDALA] Soul Jewelry set (Cream Gold)
Handbag: [LeLutka]-MITU Bag/Tan (AR)
Boots: ANEXX_KnitLegwarmers+Heels_Brown_[BOX]
Poses: Long Awkward Pose

taxicab to Vive9 @ Eugene

weekend recap

I hope everyone got to do some FLF shopping this past weekend..the Surf Couture Coat and the Scribble Cheerleading outfit were my 2 favorite things..

I found some amazing deals at Phoenix Rising’s going out of business sale..to tell you the truth I thought they already had a going out of business sale and closed down..I saw it on a feed and tp’d over..everything in the store is marked 25 linden..and there are a bunch of freebies and dollarbies in the front. I was really excited to find these poofy vest jackets for one linden a piece..I got one in every color…

taxicab to Phoenix Rising

MichaMi & Exodi..

There has been so much going on in sl…and I feel like I haven’t posted in forever..and it’s been a day I think, lol. I’ve been trying to get caught up on my sleep in rl…I knew I was overdoing it when I fell asleep standing up the other day…not good.

I’m wearing the new Exodi skin Isolde…two group gifts and one lucky chair…3 free skins!!! Isolde is gorgeous from head to toe..well..head to ankle..nobody has gorgeous toes in sl…as I’ve mentioned before, there is a 250 L$ fee to join the Exodi group..you get deluxe group gifts every month, and now members get a 10% discount on any skin!

The 3 looks in this post were put together with a few of the newest creations by the amazing Milla Michinaga, owner of MichaMi. MichaMi was one of the first really nice stores I ever shopped at in sl…I love love love her clothes, and I am so honored to blog them..thank you Milla 🙂 xoxo

Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde  – 17 (Group Gift)
Hair: fri. – Tatum – Browns
Top: * MichaMi: Fearne in Purple
Vest: “*noju* fuwafuwa short vest(black)(store closed :()
Pants: Armidi – Grace Jeans – Scratch-Armidi 50% off sale @ TheWarehouse
Boots: *KL* Boots Venice Worn Brown 3.1
Purse: ::: B@R ::: Lucky Horseshoe Brown
Earrings: *BOOM* G Hoop Earrins
Necklace: !BF! 50s Dangle Owl
Bracelets: Zaara : Kaya Onyx

Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde Group Gift
Hair: ::69:: NEGUKO – Dark Chestnut-200 L$ Fatpacks!
Top: MichaMi: Nina Crop Top in Pink
Pants: MichaMi: Nina Capris in Pink
Shoes: Stiletto Moody Bare Bette (Black) v1.08
Purse: (S&S) Ribon bag_Black
Earrings: PD Rumba Grande Earrings Set
Bracelets: [[SHADE THRONE]] THE BLACK RIDER bracelet set
Necklace: (Caroline’s) Broken Long Strand Black Pearls (scripted to break when touched)

Skin: :: Exodi :: Isolde 18 (Lucky Chair)
Hair: [LeLutka]-TALLULAH hair browns
Dress: MichaMi: Kat in Golden Brown
Leggings: fri. – Basic.Leggings (Black)
Belt: [SC] Surf Couture – Brass Rings Leather Belt
Shoes: BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather
Purse: ::: B@R ::: Bellissima 09 Black
Necklace: Zaara : Adira necklace *claw*
Earrings: Zaara : Anaya cluster earrings

*All poses by flowey poses.

broken vows :o

This weekend I made a vow not to get caught up in all the specials and craziness and organize my inventory…Since I’ve started blogging it has become out of control!!! However….emergencies do come up…I would consider a free special edition Lelutka skin and a grand opening of a former Lelutka creator’s shop an emergency…and that’s just what the notecard I received said….
Lelutka was announcing the opening of ORTA, by former Lelutka creator Valena Glushenko, …and a special edition Lelutka skin!!!

Skin: Lelutka LOLA lgt-ORTA D Brows (both light and dark brows in gift)
Hair: fri. – Neva.2 – Browns
Top: [ORTA} Opening free outfit! (top part of free dress)
Jeans: Armidi – Grace Jeans – Vintage
Belt: [MANDALA] Saicho Belt/chocolate
Earrings&Necklace: [MANDALA] Soul Jewelry set (Cream Gold)
Boots: BAX Prestige Boots Brown Leather
Eyelashes: [ glow ] Innocent lashes – Gentle(TDR)

Below is a pic of the free dress…I love the way the prim is hanging in the back…very Lelutka-ish :p  Also a free handbag in the gift..Estelle in chocolate with 6 diff poses!

Grand Opening of ORTA…doesn’t it look fun?????????????(can you spot me??? I’m the one in gray lol)

Taxicab to ORTA

Mother Goose Lucky Board

A few rules for standing at a lucky board with your best friend…
1. Don’t gloat if you happen to win a skin that she’s been trying to win all day.

2. That goes both ways…don’t be mean and hateful…and say hurtful things when her letter keeps coming up again and again and again….she can’t help it…it’s not her fault!

3. Be supportive and have fun…let your bestie know when her letter comes up if shes looking at herself(which mine is doing, CONSTANTLY)

4. If you see other people with your letter..do a whole bunch of silly obnoxious gestures to distract them. We didn’t have that problem last night..we were the only P&O…that will be another post 🙂
Below are pics of my loot from the Mother Goose lucky boards. If you can fight the lag there are some really cute skins to be won!

What we’re wearing….
Miss Ophelia Demina
Skin: .::Mother Goose’s::. KittY Skin b 1
Hair: fri. – Joanna.2 – Browns
Hoodie: *Koek* check hoody-RED-
Jeans: Armidi – Grace Jeans – Stoned
Shoes: fri. – Basic Pump (Navy)

Miss Poppy Panache
Skin: Laqroki Tasha
Hair: Truth Emme Browns
Dress: Willow Floral Dress Spring Sky(New shop on Hosrt)
Shoes: Truth Mina Flats Chocolate
Bracelets: Dahlinks Heart Lock Chain Bracelet

A Day in the City

Skin: Laqroki Elena
Hair: Truth Leona Dark Browns
Jacket: fri.day Tourist Jacket Gray
Shorts/Skirt: Tahini Designs Amelia Jeans High Skirt Dark Blue
Shirt: fri.day Paradiso Romper(top part) Coral
Stockings: League Ella Stockings and Garter Belt Grey-Brown
Boots: Bax Prestige Boots Brown Leather
Handbag: Armidi Gisaci Focsani Bag
Sunglasses: Solar Eyewear Electra
Jewelry(earrings&necklace): Lelutka Grace Set
Gloves: InimitablyDesign Brown Leather Gloves(part of Cowgirl Lucy outfit)