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fresh out of the box

So it seems while I was “away” Laqroki released a new skin..I finally was able to go try it on and unfortunately I loved it.

I’ve heard a few people comment that all of Laqroki’s skins look alike, but I think they each have their own look and personality…yes some favor, but you’ll get that with any skin line.

Linnea comes with 10 different makeups, including a natural, clean faced one that will be good for makeup tats.(also good for people like myself who prefer the natural look). The makeups are so beautiful and svelte though.. They remind me of Chanel and Lancome colors.. Each makeup/skin comes in a blonde brow and a dark brow version as well.

Hopefully everyone’s had a chance to check out LaViere by now…and if not omg…I’m sure you’ve heard of it’s awesomeness. Before my break I went nuts in there one day lol. This dress was my favorite purchase of the day I think..well no, never mind that would be too hard to say….it’s all so gorgeous. This little dress reminds me of a flower, and it wears really well. I’ve had it on for a couple of days now and I’ve been exploring and shopping..on the move…I honestly don’t think I’ve had to adjust it once! 🙂


skin: Laqroki Linnea (fair) New!
hair: [e] Theory – Rich Browns New!
dress: -LaViere– Romper Dress (Coral)
ring: [ glow ] studio – Pearl goddess rings (TDR Blue 16)
necklace: Dark Mouse Pearl Drop Necklace
flower (in hair): fri.day..came with the hair Marie
shoes: tram Crepe Flats (black)
poses: HelaMiyo


I’m proud to show you Mynerva’s other new skin, Jenny. She is available in the same shades of Kianna that I showed you in the last post…and available in the same eyeliner options as well. (see photo below)

Each skin comes with a cleavage option and a no brow option. In this post I’m wearing the no brow skin with the Mynerva Dark Brown Brows tattoo.

I had mentioned before that it has been since the middle of last year since Rhapsody Wilde has had a new release. A few of you have contacted me and said that you are just now trying Mynerva for the first time and loving it…Yay!!! This makes me so happy and excited that you’ve “found” it (Mynerva). You can look at these skins and tell how special and different they are. The faces of each of her skins have their own “look” their own personality almost..I’m totally in love with them, her new ones being no exception.

They will both be available at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair..that starts tomorrow afternoon. (all urls will be posted tomorrow)

skin: Mynerva Jenny Shade 5 will be available tomorrow at the Vanity Universe Skin Fair
hair: .: vive9 :. Bruna in Brunette Tones New!!
top: AOHARU_OffShoulderGauzeTunic_Natural
skirt: Maitreya Cleo Jeans Skirt – Dark
tights: “*noju* classic stockings(white) (store no longer open :(…BangBang has a great selection of tights and leggings..some lace ones as well.. )
boots: *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Brown
purse: tram gamaguchi bag
jewelry: [MANDALA]Pearl Rain Jewelry Set/white
poses: fri.day

sgt. pepper’s lonely hearts club

“…may I introduce to you…the act you’ve known for all these years, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band…”

I love this bag, I thought it was so perfect for my Lonely Hearts Club outfit. 🙂 And it’s not just any bag either…it’s a special bag. I remember vividly the day I got it..

I was on a hunt..it was the first time I had ever been in [croire], which is now one of my favorite stores. As usual I couldn’t find the hunt item…so I asked the pretty girl in the store entrance if she had seen it. I ended up spending the afternoon with the pretty girl…we did much of the hunt together..she showed me some other great freebies, she knew so much about sl fashion!…the more I talked to her I thought, wow this girl has got it goin’ on!!  We “friended” each other and agreed to hang out again soon…

I was shopping the next day and I went to AtomicBambi, I think I was on another hunt, lol… as I rezzed in I saw a huge beautiful head shot of my new friend on the wall, I looked down at the bottom and saw her name, Flower Ducatillon..and IM’d her and said “wow…I didn’t even know my new friend was an sl-ebrity!!!!” Of course being the modest girl that she is she said “oh, that was just for a contest”…but she is an sl-ebrity….Her blog slupergirls is one of the most amazing ones I’ve ever seen….and she is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met…I love you Flower! I’m so happy to be your friend!

skin: Iren ::::Jordan:::: fair/ Winter/group 20% discount worn with BOOM express mascara(if you’ve never tried Iren’s beautiful, unique skins this is a great time..20% off for group members, and I need to investigate it further but I believe they have one out at one of TDR’s right now as well :)) (i loveeeee the new 40 group thingy its great isn’t it? boy am i chatty today or what??? :P)
hair: >TRUTH< Drew – dark browns
eyeglasses: Gritty Kitty: Prehistoric Glasses
top #1: (Milk Motion)My little cashmere *this top is awesome..the little sleeves hanging out of shirt cuff prims are tintable..you can tint them to any color you want! i was very excited about this! lol
top #2: [W&B] Sgt. Pepper Cropped Jacket TALL POPPY FREE!! Subscribo Gift
turtleneck prim: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Back Tease Turtleneck White (neck prim only worn)
earrings: “LoQ” Be My Valentine Earrings TVDH Item #14 FREE!! also perfect for my Lonely Hearts outfit…it was meant to be!!! lol
skirt: (Milk Motion) My short skirt *beige*
leggings: S@BBiA::Tights:Free
gloves: Digit Darkes Driving Gloves (no LM found at this time)
leg warmers: Kyoot – Knit Legwarmers (Dark Cozy Pack)
shoes: fri.day – Basic Flats (Red)
bag: [croire] – international affair hunt gift (several months ago 😦 )
poses: marukin (the pose on the right is named “living on beatles & drugs”..I had to use that one for a Lonely Hearts Club post!)

sweet sixteen

The new Sweet Sixteen dress from BOOM is an essential piece for your sl wardrobe. It looks awesome alone but it is great for layering..so many different looks to be created! I’m so happy to finally have a cute little mini dress with all the layer options included.

Elikatira’s latest release, Me,  is my new favorite hair. Full, flowing and fabulous..They are also participating in The Season’s Hunt, so while you’re there look for the snowman and get the 2 styles below for free!

skin: Dutch Touch Megan NEW!!
hair: [e] Me Rich Browns NEW!!
dress: BOOM Sweet Sixteen MiniDress NEW!!
top: Pink Outfitters Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse – white
belt: fri.day cinch belt black
socks: BOOM folded wool socks NEW!!
gloves: luck inc.
shoes: Lelutka Pow Pow pumps black
poses: Glitterati

friendship is a treasured gift

and every time I talk to you, I feel as if I’m getting richer and richer.
I love you Demi..although you’ll always be my Ope.

We had so much fun dressing up our free Kyoot dresses. Thank you, Demi, for your patience between my rl craziness and my computer crashes!

Miss Demi’s style card can be seen here.

Poppy is wearing-
skin: LAQ ~ Phoebe2 [Fair]
eyes: Kyoot Makeup Cateyes Basic Blacks
hair: [LeLutka]-KEIKO hair/Dark Brunette New!!
dress: Kyoot – And It’s Love Knit Mini Dress (Cream) FREE!!
jacket: fri.day – Tourist.Jacket (Gray)
belt: fri.day – Wide Waist.Belt (Chocolate)
stockings & garters: *League* Ella Outfit
boots & warmers: ::Kookie :: Armarda Long / Rusty Brown
earring: [glow]studio The Gate Earrings New!!
handbag: ::: B@R ::: Lucky Horseshoe Brown
poses: with love & squalor


I feel like a million bucks..or linden..whateva..in the Iman scarf, from Lelutka’s most recent release. It looks so hot by itself as well…but I’m afraid if I don’t layer I may be arrested by the blog police :p

I know a lot of you have probably shopped at A&A before, but have you looked through their jewelry section? They’ve got some really cool, funky jewelry….and the prices are so low…they’ve got lots of freebies in their store too…it’s definitely worth a quick tp 😉

skin: Glam Affair Jadis Holiday Gift
hair: fri.day – Neva – Browns
shirt: JANE – aviator sweaters (cream)
scarf: [LeLutka] Iman scarf
pants: Kyoot – Nonsensical Pants – Autumn Leather (2010 TDR Exclusive)
shoes/leg warmers: [LeLutka]-FAME-Golden
gloves: [W&B] Riding Gloves Black
handbag: ::: B@R ::: Emanuela Black
earrings: A&Ana Cubic Earrings
poses: everglow

taking care of business

The red Vo pumps that Kookie sent out to subscribo members for Christmas were a nice surprise to find while cleaning up my inventory this morning..with all the Christmas craziness I don’t even remember getting them…they’re still available in the subscribo history if you missed out on them..

***taxicab to Kookie***

the three FREE bow necklaces that went to Royal Blue’s subscribo members for Christmas are still available as well…along with some to-die-for new releases (the trenchcoat in this post being my favorite).

***taxicab to Royal Blue***

skin: LAQ ~ Vilda [Fair] Glow skin NEW!!
hair: Exile Audrey/ Dark Browns NEW!!
shirt: *CUPCAKES – Sweater Tank Top – Teal
jacket: (Royal Blue) Trenching Through Colour Coat in Taupe NEW!!
bow: (Royal Blue) Bow Good TImes Necklace in Post Box NEW!!
gloves: [W&B] Riding Gloves Eden
socks: Maitreya Gold * Moxie (sock part only)
bag: [LeLutka]-CADMIO bag/black
earrings: [ glow ] studio The Gate earrings NEW!!
shoes: Kookie Vo Pumps Pillar Red FREE!! Christmas subscribo gift! (check history)
poses: fri.day

reconnaître ses torts

everything sounds better in french 🙂

I feel really bad about my last post..I wish I could forget it all…a reader, Katey Katya, nailed it when she commented…

“Are you serious? With all that is going on the world, this is what you are worried about? Imitation the highest form of flattery. Sure, constantly copying one’s style from head-to-toe defeats the purpose of having a blog. But, why care? Be happy you have a successful blog and don’t get a big head. This is only SL!”

Thank you Katey for putting things into perspective, and my apologies to Amulya Paolina for any sad/bad feelings I may have caused you to have..

Now enough of all that…I finally made it to Mon Tissu and omggggg..Amazing clothes..sort of on the pricey side, and I was pouting about that for a while, but once I got home and tried it all on…seriously…I felt it was worth every penny.

skin: glam affair jadis natural..thank you Marilyn 🙂
hair: !lamb. Unbirthday Redux – Chocolate Bars Pack (marked down to 30L$ per color pack!)
top #1: jane aviator sweater cream
top #2: {mon tissu} So Boho Blouse – Bisque
belt: {mon tissu} Park Avenue Top (belt part only worn) (color-change) (awesome:p)
pants: fri.day basic leggings chocolate
boots: {mon tissu} Provence Riding Boots ~ Black
purse: tram gamaguchi bag
necklace: LaGyo my special friend (previously @ TDR)
poses: everglow



One of my personal favorite blogs is my.secondlife.free by Val Southard, creator of marukin (one of my very favorite pose shops btw). You can find an awesome freebie on any given day. For the look in this post I found 2 items off her blog, in two different entries. I don’t always credit people when it happens that way..when I’m just wearing one thing from their post..perhaps I should though..

A couple of days ago while surfing through Flickr, a look that I created caught my eye…and when I went to the girl’s page I saw that she’s been blogging outfits that I’ve put together…blogging them exactly as I did..putting none of her own touches or anything really…maybe a different hair..but the same accessories, outfits, etc. I should have felt flattered but my first feeling was annoyance. I know I didn’t make the clothes…anyone in sl who can buy those things are free to wear them…but to put them together and blog them as if she matched them all up…and of course not crediting me…I don’t know..it felt very…what’s the word….invasive? I don’t know…am I being a diva? What do you think? Would you be annoyed if someone blogged an outfit you put together? So curious about the women people who read my blog’s take on this situation…please comment 🙂

When I tp’d in to pick up the free scarf set from NoiRiLiCiouS I rezzed into a nice surprise. Out in the street, in the center of all the little shops on Rue DAntibes, they’ve set up a huge, beautiful Christmas tree with gifts from all the shops underneath it. I had so much fun going back home and opening all of my presents! Thank you to all the creators on Rue DAntibes!

*****click here for taxicab to RueDAntibes!*****

skin: -Glam Affair- Eva skin – Winter make up
hair: fri.day jennifer3 browns
hat, scarf, & boots: NoiRiLiCiouS Merry Xmas! ❤ (gift under giant christmas tree)
top #1: AOHARU_BT_TurtleNeckKnit(Pack A)
top #2: WHO?shortknit(blue) (these tops have been on her luckyboard..yesterday an orange one and a green one but my letter would never come up so i bought one in my favorite color :p)
pants: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (Sep) Jeans DarkBlue
earrings: Aly Istanbul edition diamond snowflake earrings (no LM found :()
poses: Di’s Opera – gift bag (under giant christmas tree)

Pippi Panache

Skin: Laqroki Phoebe2 Fair
Dress: Miamai_NovemberGroupGift_KoreiBrown FREE!!
Scarf: :SEY Christmas 09
Gloves: (Yuli)– GX Fingerless Gloves
Stockings: MIEL LO REFURBISHED SOCKS – multicolor
Shoes & Socks: MIEL FAR BOOTS – SOLID / SF
Poses: fri.day