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throwback EMERYb

The outfit in this post was one of my last prim purchases I do believe. I love this look. It’s cute and fresh..it has a nice mix of casual, sophisticated and sexy. (nice combination!)  It’s suitable for nearly anywhere in sl, really. I mean..I know there are no rules in sl anyway..if you want to walk through Lelutka dressed as a mesh turd, more power to you!

I’m going to take a wild guess that a lot of the people who are reading this are like myself; Anything you see me blog I would wear in real life. I like to dress Poppy in my style..I’m sure there are the occasional exceptions..one comes to mind but luckily I can’t find the photo anywhere!

throwback emery closerc
I’d like to send a huge Thank You to the creators that have sent me their gorgeous items to blog. If you don’t see your item(s) right away please be patient with me. I work on my blog every chance I get but like I always say…there’s never enough hours in the day.

Today I worked on putting a look together, but I ended up spending a big chunk of time trying to get my inventory under control. I’m curious of some of the ways you ladies (and men :)) have integrated your mesh items into your inventory. Do you make a separate folder for your mesh clothes, or just combine them all together?

Emery has set up a large section downstairs in the front of the store with all of their mesh items. If you haven’t been lately you MUST go check it out. As usual their creations are beautiful!

~tp to Emery~

what i’m wearing:
skin: Laqroki Mini
hair: TRUTH HAIR Chynna worn with Truth Hairbase (included)
eyeliner: [ glow ] studio – Pin up eyeliner
sunglasses: [LeLutka]-GARBO shades
top: Emery – Top Crush
jeans: Emery – Denim Crush
shoes: *GF* Strap Shoes “Alex”
bag: [ORTA] – Blake clutch
earrings: [ glow ] studio The Gate Earrings
necklace: [ glow ] studio TV Necklace
bracelets (l): *Urbanity* Leather Bands
ring (l): MONS / Skull Ring
ring (r): LaGyo_Noa 3 stones rings
ring (right thumb): [MAGIC NOOK] Simple Ring / Triple

nineteen seventy-two

skin: MONS / Enna Skin / LikitMU /RedLips / Red Brows
tat: Tattoo 1972 n_ Garden of Ku
hair: E U P H O R I A Hunt Treasure from (LoQ Hairs) FREE!! (join Euphoria group inworld and hunt for the purple E’s )…thank you Flower!!
top: PIG Seasons Hunt Winter in Marfa FREE!!
pants: ( R E D ) M I N T ~ J E A N S ~ SIDE DROP (No.8)
jewelry (earrings, bracelets, rings): Mandala Sinra2
shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” Chic Limited Event
clutch: ::Duh!:: Little Black Beaded Clutch – For the Seasons Hunt FREE!!
poses: everglow


Megan was my choice of the 2 newly released Dutch Touch skins..You buy a pack of natural, no makeup skins, then you can buy the pack of shadows and the pack of lipsticks so you can put your own color looks together…a dream for someone who can wear multiple tat layers…..(tears falling as i type)…my day will come…I know it will…and by then..there will be something else new and awesome that I can’t use because I have a mac. Hey, I told you I was a pessimist :p

Just for kicks I tried on the 2 new shape demos and I really liked them a lot. If the people that asked me about my shape are reading this now, you should go try the new Dutch Touch shapes Megan and Mensje..they could without a doubt be my cousins…or at least my second cousins twice removed.

I couldn’t resist Peqe’s Blender Wedges with this outfit. Although part of me wanted to play it safe and wear my Coco combat boots, looking at the final pic I’m glad I opted for the wedges. For one thing they are original, funky, well made and just plain cool as s&*t. Another reason is, I love the way they go with the Gfield blouse.

One last thing….I wish I could cue up some cheesy 70’s soundin’ game show music because it’s……….MYSTERY BLOGGER TIME!!!!! (cheers and applause)….This amazing blogger in denial could be the poster child for Dutch Touch, so I thought it was so funny she was standing there as I rezzed in to buy Megan. She normally wears a different color hair, so the blonde may throw you off..but…..Who’s this girl??

UPDATE: Miss Ashe Anthony guessed correctly…this is Neva Seljan of nevamind…one of my very favorite blogs. Biggest Dutch Touch fan on the grid, expert layerer (is layerer a word??) Let me rephrase…she’s amazing at layering, and one of the most modest people you’ll ever meet. She is in total denial of her amazing talents.

I’m so glad I got to meet you “in person” Miss Neva. You are adorable and just as sweet as you look 🙂


style card for pictures 1 & 2…
skin: DUTCH TOUCH Megan Cream New!!
hair: >TRUTH< Leona – dark browns
hat: *DECO – Patrol Cap – Olive*
top #1: *GField* Silky Blouse “Charlotte” -white-
top #2: *BOOM* Ayko Argyle mini-dress army New!!
pants: *Fishy Strawberry* Traveller Outfit @ TDR (pants part only worn)
gloves: Luck Inc. Fingerless Gloves Black
socks: ANEXX_VaudevillianShoes (socks part only worn)
shoes: Peqe – G Wedge_Blender v3 exclusively @ CHIC Limited Event
poses: Everglow

smoke break

Oh my goodness, what an overwhelming time in sl for a blogger! So many awesome things going on! At the very top of your list should be the Chic Limited Event, which started today at 4 pm slt! The first of their monthly events is being held in a small venue with 30(more or less) top designers offering exclusive and never before seen items.

taxicab to Chic Limited Event!

Ok..next stop on your to-do list should be Euphoria, the  End of Season Sale. Each designer has set out a special sale item marked down to 100L$…there are some amazing deals! Click here for a list of all the stores and their urls. It’s seriously just about every designer you can think of…don’t doddle though..tomorrow is the last day!

skin: MONS / Enna Skin / LikitMU /RedLips / Red Brows Euphoria End of Season Sale 100L$! click here!
hair/hat: [Shag] – La Petite Mort – Dark Shades
shirt: CHANTKARE HARI ENSEMBLE 2011 (shirt part only worn) CHIC Limited
pants: -Glam Affair- Amara –CHIC Limited
stockings: Bang Bang Lace Stay ups white New!!
shoes: *GF* Flower Pumps “Eve” Chic Limited Event
bracelets/rings: [MANDALA] SINRA2  SET MOON New!!
gloves: -Glam Affair – Mila  Gloves
earrings: paper couture; Oxidized Silver Hoops
pipe & poses: +ROZOREGALIA+*BOUHACHI* Pipe

come what may…

Never knew, I could feel like this,
Like I’ve never seen the sky before
Want to vanish inside your kiss
Everyday I love you more and more
Listen to my heart can you hear it sing
Tellin’ me to give you everything
Seasons may change, winter to spring
But I love you, until the end of time.

skin: -Glam Affair – Jadis – Natural New!!
hair: Clawtooth: Lovely Liz (Captivating Brunettes Pack)
shirt: *GF* Silky Blouse “Charlotte” -white-
jacket: *BOOM* The Conductor’s Jacket – red New!!
shorts: *BOOM* High Hot Pants (Red) New!!
tights: -Glam Affair – Xania Blue (tights only worn)
gloves: -Glam Affair- [NERO]-Black Peahen (gloves only worn)
shoes: [Gos] Platform Pumps – Red/Black
hat & cane: chanimations Fetish Caberet MoulinRouge
poses: chanimations Fetish Cabaret MoulinRouge


I hope everyone has had a good weekend so far. Lots of amazing deals in sl this weekend as well..Yesterday I was standing on our dock organizing my inventory and it started raining Lelutka gifts…I was so excited! And if you don’t already know they’ve opened the store back up, redesigned to be more lag free..I haven’t checked it out yet for a couple reasons..I’m waiting on the Linden fairy to visit me before I step one foot on that sim. That would be total torture. It’s not hard for me to stay away just yet though..the sim has been pretty full since they reopened yesterday.

If you haven’t received your gifts yet you can check group notices, and from what I understand it’s open enrollment. If you’ve heard otherwise please let me know 🙂

Both light and dark tones included in gift.

Skin: [LeLutka]-Ava-250910 Gift
Hair: [LeLutka]-SETH hair
Top 1: *GF* Silky Blouse “Charlotte” -white-
Top 2: Tee*fy Black Loose Tank TDR
Pants: Tee*fy Floral Vintage Black Leggins
Boots & Socks: ::Kookie :: Armarda Long / Noir NEW!!
Bag: [LeLutka]-CADMIO bag (gift)
Bracelets: TDR Blue special – wild animals bracelets
Earrings: (Yummy) Gypsy Hoops
Poses: dfo!

september 1st

Skin: Apple May Designs – Jessica 10L skin gift
Hair: (Dernier Cri) Audrey – Brown Shades
Top: DCNY “Summer Mash-Up” Outfit – #4(top part only) FREE!!
Bra: Pig – Ambrosia Silver
Pants: /artilleri/ betsy pants *medium blue*
Shoes: *G Field* Update Group WelcomeGift (ver3) FREE!!
Handbag: ::Kookie:: Ostrich purple bag
Necklace: *Kotolier SecretNecklace(Garnet)
Poses: marukin

Yayyy…More Free Stuff!!!

Skin: Laqroki Martina
Hair: Mirone Glance(old gift)
Dress: The Sea Hole Who Ate? Dress (Dark Eve) In Store Freebie! (you’ll get a choice when you walk in the front door..LM, Join Group, or Gift…pick gift:))
Shoes: Truth Mina Flats darkside
Stockings: Sheer Tights Nylon Black
Gloves: *SL* Glamour Gloves Black
Jewelry: JCNY ‘Charmed Life’
Eyes: Poetic Color Cosmic Dream Eyes-Freebie!


Skin: Laqroki Carina
Hair: Laqroki Kira Hair 2
Top: Gfield Floral Galter Top wine Free Group Gift!
Skirt: Lelutka PAINE mini(black) old group gift
Shoes: fri.day Dream.Booties (Black)
Stockings: Sheer Tights Nylon Black
Earrings: paper couture Diamond Curl Earrings
Bracelets: Shade Throne The Theory Bracelet Set TDR Edition
Eyelashes: Cake Flutter lashes
Eyes: Poetic Color Cosmic Dream Eyes-Freebie!

a rose by any other name…

Skin: Laqroki Elena
Hair: 69: Me Chestnut
Tube Top: Dutch Touch
Jacket: Cubic Effect Shirt H7(white)
Wrap: Cubic Effect Waist scroll(pink)
Boots: Gfield Short Western Boots(beige)
Hat: Surf Couture(old gift)
Ring: Elate Pink Rose Ring