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One of my personal favorite blogs is my.secondlife.free by Val Southard, creator of marukin (one of my very favorite pose shops btw). You can find an awesome freebie on any given day. For the look in this post I found 2 items off her blog, in two different entries. I don’t always credit people when it happens that way..when I’m just wearing one thing from their post..perhaps I should though..

A couple of days ago while surfing through Flickr, a look that I created caught my eye…and when I went to the girl’s page I saw that she’s been blogging outfits that I’ve put together…blogging them exactly as I did..putting none of her own touches or anything really…maybe a different hair..but the same accessories, outfits, etc. I should have felt flattered but my first feeling was annoyance. I know I didn’t make the clothes…anyone in sl who can buy those things are free to wear them…but to put them together and blog them as if she matched them all up…and of course not crediting me…I don’t know..it felt very…what’s the word….invasive? I don’t know…am I being a diva? What do you think? Would you be annoyed if someone blogged an outfit you put together? So curious about the women people who read my blog’s take on this situation…please comment 🙂

When I tp’d in to pick up the free scarf set from NoiRiLiCiouS I rezzed into a nice surprise. Out in the street, in the center of all the little shops on Rue DAntibes, they’ve set up a huge, beautiful Christmas tree with gifts from all the shops underneath it. I had so much fun going back home and opening all of my presents! Thank you to all the creators on Rue DAntibes!

*****click here for taxicab to RueDAntibes!*****

skin: -Glam Affair- Eva skin – Winter make up
hair: fri.day jennifer3 browns
hat, scarf, & boots: NoiRiLiCiouS Merry Xmas! ❤ (gift under giant christmas tree)
top #1: AOHARU_BT_TurtleNeckKnit(Pack A)
top #2: WHO?shortknit(blue) (these tops have been on her luckyboard..yesterday an orange one and a green one but my letter would never come up so i bought one in my favorite color :p)
pants: :: DUTCH TOUCH :: (Sep) Jeans DarkBlue
earrings: Aly Istanbul edition diamond snowflake earrings (no LM found :()
poses: Di’s Opera – gift bag (under giant christmas tree)